Our Story

How Nouriche Fertility was conceived

At Nouriche Fertility, our team is dedicated to helping women achieve their optimum fertility potential... without synthetic or injected hormones. How did we get in this business? If we're honest: by accident.

Dr. Amy Heaton, a PhD who specializes in biochemistry, was part of a team that developed a revolutionary new pituitary peptide boosting dietary supplement as part of an anti-aging and beauty project. A colleague of hers just happened to be undergoing fertility treatment via Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and - after learning about the link between fertility and this peptide from her doctor - began taking the formula. After just 4 months, Dr. Heaton's colleague was thrilled to (finally) get the positive sign for which she'd waited so long.

This led Dr. Heaton and her team to change the focus of their research. They quickly realized they had a formula that could be life-changing for many women, and Nouriche Fertility was born.

"We've since had many women use Nouriche to naturally boost levels of this pituitary peptide, improve fertility* and conceive," says Dr. Heaton. "It's so rewarding for me to see my research come to life in a way that's helping women realize their dreams of motherhood."